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Just Spread Fruit Preserve and Brie Crackers

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Grab simple deliciousness by the cracker-ful! This snack is the perfect sweet and salty treat to enjoy with friends, or by yourself. So easy to make; so easy to devour.

All it takes to make this delightful snack is taking your cracker of choice, smothering it in brie cheese, and then topping it with Just Spread Fruit Preserve.

We used:

  • Pita Sea Salt crackers

  • Brie Cheese (You can also use feta or another cheese of choice)

  • Just Spread Cherry and Apricot Preserves (Obviously all of our Preserves would work great too!)

This is also a great last-second snack to make if you have guests coming over ASAP.

Hope you enjoy!

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