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Just Spread and The amazing chickpea: A match made in sandwich heaven

Our very own Just Spread Fruit Preserves and Honey pairs beautifully with The Amazing Chickpea chickpea butter. This post outlines some of the Amazing Chickpea's products, and how they can mix with Just Spread Fruit Preserves and Honey on yummy sandwiches.

Compared to the same serving size of traditional creamy peanut butter, The Amazing Chickpea Creamy has 20 less calories, 4 less grams of fat, and 40 less grams of sodium. These nutrition facts are shown above.

Also shown above on the far right is the Amazing Chickpea's Choc 'A Chic chocolatey chickpea spread. This spread works great as an alternative to traditional chocolate hazelnut spread. Compared to the same serving size in the leading chocolate nut spread, The Amazing Chickpea has 40 less calories, 2 less grams of fat, 5 less grams of sodium, 11 less grams of sugar, and 1 more gram of protein.

Check out their website! Give their delicious and healthier nut butter alternatives a try!

We used the Amazing Chickpea and Just Spread products to make these sandwiches:

A twist on a PB & J: The Amazing Chickpea & Just Spread Cherry and Fig Fruit Preserves

Taking two slices of you choice of bread, smother them up with some Amazing Chickpea and Just Spread Fruit Preserves of choice (We used Fig and Cherry).

Just Spread Honey with Creamy Chickpea and Chocolatey Chickpea butter

For this sandwich, we smothered each piece of bread with either The Amazing Chickpea Creamy or Choc 'A Chic and topped it with some Just Spread Single-Sourced Honey.

This pair makes healthy & delicious sandwiches that are perfect for the whole family!

Be sure to check out The Amazing Chickpea's website for more information

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